Oh c’mon. It Didn’t hurt THAT bad.

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http://www.atelyeteknoloji.com/acheter-Xenical-pas-cher www.atelyeteknoloji.com A tip from @nitroplasmic and I felt a need here to take a brief time out.

You’re feeling good, in control of your life. In some sense, powerful. This is a wonderful feeling. Perhaps it’s the first time you’ve ever felt like this. Acknowledgement is deserved if you have managed to achieve that. I’d like to add a caveat.

http://konzeptgruen.eu/Wellbutrin-Sr-Sverige-på-nätet konzeptgruen.eu “With great power comes great responsibility.” - Benjamin ”Ben“ Parker, various Spider-Man Comics.

What I love so much here is really the illustration that the quote should have been, “With great power, comes the knowledge that you’ve just gotten the attention of something much larger than yourself and are, therefore, fucked.”



Skrillex can be found here. And we here at BoL encourage you to report any suspicious activity possibly endangering children and/or violent latex deities.


Somebody’s got to look out for them. The deities, I mean.

And so it begins again in earnest

It hasn’t actually been a year, I swear.

We seem to have lost pretty much all of 2011, but somehow this old gear still seems to work. We’ve had moves, a hosting switch, and all the distractions that come from giving a proper attempt at life. Needless to say, there’s some cobwebs to blow out around here. That said, well, it is what it is.

Online life can be a funny thing, and I’ve seen plenty of wizened commentary announcing the death of blogs (so 2002) and the rise of social media. Good on ya. Love it. Use it relentlessly. Not quite the same though as creating a space, an ambiance, even a fractured one. Social media is information, connection, conversation. But it’s not experience. I suppose I look at blogging in the same sense as writing a novel in the vein of Don Delillo or Ben Elton. Apparently random, disconnected, fractional. But seemingly despite that, it creates an over arching narrative. There’s a story told through metaphor. Nobody looses the plot, They just can’t predict it.

At any rate, what I really intended to say was welcome back.

I hope you stick around. I think there might be some good bits coming up.



Image via Mark Andrew Webber

Ooo…the rifts of the 70′s, how I love thee, let me count the notes…

Most of these choices have the common denominator of being released in the 70′s or close to it (within a few of years) but still having that feel of that time.  Great music and great feelings abound!  I am having one of the of those nostalgic mornings where I want the good feeling music surrounding my ears and intertwining the cobwebs within my currently, motionless mind.

So, without further delay….enjoy this small collection of some great songs by very talented people. Youtube always finds a way to suck me in on Saturday but it does feed the hunger.  I didn’t choice these videos based on the video but solely based on the version of the song.

Cloudbusting – Kate Bush (circa 1985)

Crystal – Fleetwood Mac (circa 1975)

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Friday Night Anime Block, Holiday Edition: Tokyo Godfathers


Strange as it may seems, as it turns out both Cash and I share the same favorite Holiday movie.

Oh yes, what else could I be referring to but Satoshi Kon‘s acclaimed Tokyo Godfathers? And it’s only fair that in that spirit of  Giving that’s so embalmed in this season that we bring to you our own small offering of Peace and Light.

(really, JMAF Excellence Prize; that is some seriously heavy shit right there.)

And Runaways. (The one’s with good taste in bottled water).

And Regretful Alchoholics. (Who make good in the end).

And Drag Queens. (Really, really nice and responsible ones).

And abandoned Babies. (I think that might be mostly decor).

In all honesty though, this is quite possibly one of the most realistic yet uplifting traditionally Holiday films I’ve ever come across. By far surpassing Its a Wonderful Life, or even (god help me) A Charlie Brown Christmas.

I made it a point last year to purchase a copy (do it!) and I literally insist upon watching it the week before Christmas. This movie will be shown in gratitude each year by my household for perpetuity.  Its about time we remembered that at one point or another we all came from the streets, wherever they may be, and give acknowledgment to the struggles of others.

Even us hyphy white bastards.

Merry ChristmaHanukKwanzaaiHajira (or Yule for my folks) to you all, with the very best wishes to all from everyone at BoL!
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Get into comics… The Cash Money Way! Part 2: Kingdom Come

http://cajunrodandreelrepair.com/buy-Avana-Italy Buy Avana Italy COAST CITY – One of the biggest stigmas still attached to comics is that they are low brow.  Uncouth. Degenerate.

Like this.


But it’s not all like that. Yes, sadly, much of comicbookery is very smart and very interesting and very, very well illustrated.  Many comics have won prestigious literary awards and run the gamut of subject matter including social commentary, political commentary, and sexual commentary (and the boobs implied therein) – yes, comics have it all.  It’s not all about men in tights and improbably proportioned women.

That said, comics featuring these men and women can be used to express the same high-falutin’, literary, socio-political drama.  And, apparently, they can be made in using gouache.  This is perhaps most true in my second recommendation:

rebenok.ua Kingdom Come


Written by Mark Waid, Esq.

Illustrated by the Rt. Hon. Alex Ross

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