The post that should have been.

I just couldn’t do it tonight, I am wore out from the long weekend of holiday parties and hosting.  I sat down at my computer tonight to type out the saved draft that I started last week but I just had to close it.  Why? you wonder, well, I knew I couldn’t write it well, not tonight anyways.  So, it will just have to wait till I can come back to it and do it some justice.

So, in the meantime, I have back-ups…WOOT!  Thank god, for the endless hours I spend doing internet research, youtube watching and saving stuff to my Google reader! (see, it is useful!)

If you know anything about me, know this one thing, I am a fangirl of Repo! The Genetic Opera.  I adore everything about this movie.  I never tire of watching it and I know in my heart of deeply, demented hearts it will one day be like the Rocky Horror Picture Show scene, only with a  more modern twist; given our current generation.  For my own personal confirmation of that little statement, this last Thanksgiving celebration about 5 of us started to sing the Zydrate Anatomy song a cappella style, while sitting around drinking wine and surfing youtube on the TV…it was awesome!

In addition to being a fan of the SIMS game, I found this little piece of heaven that just makes me all giddy inside!(singing …Zydrate comes in a little glass vial, a little glass vial? a little glass vial.)

Oh, press play and enjoy! teehee!

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