My Muse…

Because it is just that good.  The video is absolutly amazing.  I love the effects and the constant wavy interruption that gives it that creepy feeling that makes it all come to life on my screen.  Videos have come a LONG way and besides this lot has amazing musical talent to match.  They make me want to do unintended and powerfully great things.  When music inspires…

4 Responses to “My Muse…”

  1. Fuck, I want his hair. How much to scalp him?

  2. I’ve always said that the only thing Muse lacks are some spangly tank-top body suits and magenta eye-liner. Hard not to get behind a band with choruses like: “No one’s gonna take me alive / The time has come to make things right.
    That said, this song reminds me of this song:

  3. Anytime you can have vampire teddy bears tramping through your miniaturized Gotham/Midwestern-looking city…i am so there!

  4. I am partial to Blondie’s Maria. :)

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