Friday Night Anime Block, Holiday Edition: Tokyo Godfathers


Strange as it may seems, as it turns out both Cash and I share the same favorite Holiday movie.

Oh yes, what else could I be referring to but Satoshi Kon‘s acclaimed Tokyo Godfathers? And it’s only fair that in that spirit of  Giving that’s so embalmed in this season that we bring to you our own small offering of Peace and Light.

(really, JMAF Excellence Prize; that is some seriously heavy shit right there.)

And Runaways. (The one’s with good taste in bottled water).

And Regretful Alchoholics. (Who make good in the end).

And Drag Queens. (Really, really nice and responsible ones).

And abandoned Babies. (I think that might be mostly decor).

In all honesty though, this is quite possibly one of the most realistic yet uplifting traditionally Holiday films I’ve ever come across. By far surpassing Its a Wonderful Life, or even (god help me) A Charlie Brown Christmas.

I made it a point last year to purchase a copy (do it!) and I literally insist upon watching it the week before Christmas. This movie will be shown in gratitude each year by my household for perpetuity.  Its about time we remembered that at one point or another we all came from the streets, wherever they may be, and give acknowledgment to the struggles of others.

Even us hyphy white bastards.

Merry ChristmaHanukKwanzaaiHajira (or Yule for my folks) to you all, with the very best wishes to all from everyone at BoL!

I look forward to the day when my vaguely deformed, slavering offspring will look up and realize there is a lot more going on than  a trip to WalMart in December. And then they’ll eat the cats. (kids are cute.)

My apologies on the serialized nature of this one, but there doesn’t appear to be a full length English Subbed version gracing the ether at the moment, and sadly this particular film was never released in a Dub (Cash and I went looking the other) night. Not that I’m attached to Dubbed in any way, shape, or form (In point of fact I’m completely against them as a general rule; somewhat ruins the integrity of the form in my mind) but as Cash pointed out, this would be a great one to use to introduce the Normals to the style.

I’m not certain what it is exactly, but I’ve always had a somewhat visceral reaction to snow falling in anime. So appropriately ethereal. It’s like the realization of my ideal city, hushed, semi-vacant, and slightly ominous. Of course then again, that could just be the reaction of one raised in the Maine, which is itself hushed, vacant, and slightly ominous. Only lacking in proper cities.

With any luck this has injected you with a bit more much-needed perspective during this blinking neon time of year (The sheer amounts of caffeine needed to cope with a standard bought of Christmas shopping are enough to drive anyone into a psychopathic fury) in addition to providing a couple hours distracted enjoyment.

Be safe, and Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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