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Ooo…the rifts of the 70′s, how I love thee, let me count the notes…

Most of these choices have the common denominator of being released in the 70′s or close to it (within a few of years) but still having that feel of that time.  Great music and great feelings abound!  I am having one of the of those nostalgic mornings where I want the good feeling music surrounding my ears and intertwining the cobwebs within my currently, motionless mind.

So, without further delay….enjoy this small collection of some great songs by very talented people. Youtube always finds a way to suck me in on Saturday but it does feed the hunger.  I didn’t choice these videos based on the video but solely based on the version of the song.

Cloudbusting – Kate Bush (circa 1985)

Crystal – Fleetwood Mac (circa 1975)

[

Introducing the Krauts

I didn’t get back from the studio until 2 am last night so Monday’s post will happen today.  My semester is almost over.  All my projects are done, and now I only have a couple of final critiques left.   I’ve had little sleep and my beard is half grown in, shaving that today.  I also woke up to find out that the German program at my university has been cut, apparently they thought if they did it during finals week everyone would be to busy to notice or care. Well played USM.   Verdammt schwein!  Kulture ist nichts, Profit ist alles.  Sorry… the German leftist rebel in me is rearing its ugly head.

Speaking of German left-wing radicals, I recently watched a really interesting movie about the Baader Meinhoff Gang.  They were the hippies radicals that started the RAF.  For those of you unfamiliar with them they were sort of a German version of the Weathermen, but way more dangerous and didn’t blow themselves up.

German hippies were is some ways very similar to American hippies, protesting the Vietnam war and marching against corporate imperialism were standard, however the Generation Gap was much more severe.  At this point Germany was still being run by former Nazi party members, that’s right pickings were slim the only people left that could run the country had been.  So, while no one talked about Hitler or National Socialism anymore, the system that put him in power was still more or less the status quo.   So you can imagine how much more extreme things were.

RAF Logo

The German post war movement wasn’t completely about radicalism and urban guerrilla warfare.  Some really cool things came out of that era, in fact BBC just released a documentary on Kraut Rock ( an English term).  As Germany was forced to find a new identity they pioneered some amazing sounds, much of which influences almost everything we hear on the radio today.  The “Krauts” intentionally sought out a new sound that was not rock or blues based, that would have been to American or British, and they certainly couldn’t rely on past German conventions. So they looked to technology and incorporated synthesizers in their music.  Afrika Bambaataa was quoted in saying if it wasn’t for Kraftwerk there would be no hip hop.

“But Gestalt there are six of them, I don’t have time for that.”

Well, even if we can’t save the German department, we can at least understand how much we have been influenced by the German culture.  I’m talking about the good stuff, na klar.  Trust me, this documentary goes by really quickly and it’s worth it to watch David Bowie completely ripping them off on his Heroes album.  That’s right, David Bowie and Brian Eno completely ripped two albums worth of material right out the Kraut Rock play book.  And I thought the competition on Glee was harsh.

In part 3 of 6 there is a scene where the drummer from Can, Jaki Liebezeit, coming from a strong jazz background, was told to play monotonously. Monotonously!?!….yes this moment blew my mind this repetitive jazz based trance music set the stage for what is broken beat dance music today. Basically these guys were more or less looping breaks with out having to sample anything but themselves playing live and in the moment. Watch the videos,and I know what your thinking.

Thanks, Coilhouse

My Muse…

Because it is just that good.  The video is absolutly amazing.  I love the effects and the constant wavy interruption that gives it that creepy feeling that makes it all come to life on my screen.  Videos have come a LONG way and besides this lot has amazing musical talent to match.  They make me want to do unintended and powerfully great things.  When music inspires…

MARIO BASANOV & VIDIS feat JAZZU: I’ll be gone

I’ll be gone from KORB on Vimeo.

Excellent video from two of Lithuania’s finest house producers, Mario Basanov and Vidis.  The melding of sounds with visuals in this video creates a wonderful synesthesia that just jumps right of the page.  I’m used to light traveling in particles and waves simultaneously, but sound…that’s sorcery.

Fan Death

No, not the age old Korean Urban Legend about asphyxiating from a fan stealing your oxygen when your sleeping in a small room. Silly Koreans, those are trolls. I guess that Drew Barrymore movie never made it over seas. (I digress) I’m talking about the disco diva duo. Yes, my new favorite brand of imported audio nostalgia. These girls are amazing. They are fun and sexy sans any of that overt over the top hipster coolness that is so played out these days. You know what I’m talking about. That I care so much that I have to act like I don’t care at all. Does that appeal to anyone outside of high school? Instead we are offered a delicious journey into what could be if… instead of angst, we get curiosity.

Their videos are just as polished as their sound. In Reunited, we get to watch Fan Death dance the safety dance with some of their musical influences.
I love how Pee-Wee Herman looks like what I would imagine Klaus Nomi looking like today.

Their latest video, Cannibal, is subtle yet creepy. Here we see the vulnerability of the indie artist in the modern-day cyber-landscape along with weird techno stalkers (note the VCR…classic) equipped with a compulsive Dargeresque attention to detail. There is no romancing this dude. Screw the sweat pants, did you see his slippers? (shivers) This guy is is the real scary. Who were the old guys locked up in the basement? Speaking of people locked up in the basement, have you seen this movie?

More than anything, I think that Fan Death teaches us that if ABBA where around today they would not need the help of two dorky white guys in order to have careers as pop stars.