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Walmart Heydays…

I am not even going to pretend that I understand which way is front or back.

I am not even going to pretend that I understand which way is front or back.

/Sigh…   Where is the only place that you can go at 2am to see someone that might just be in worse shape than you but not because they are drunk?  Where else can you go at 2am and play with the bouncy balls, turn on all the nosey toys, sit down in the middle of the toy aisle to play battleships with your friends?  Walmart, of course!

I spent many countless moments of my young adult life wondering the aisles in the wee hours of the AM reeking havoic with my friends.  I spent many minutes people watching because in Walmart that is what you go there to do, to people watch.  I saw some crazy and very unfortunate things at Walmart.  It is the one place on earth that diversity is apparent.  Hookers to suits, dementia to child tantrums,  fashion statments to fashion mishaps, make-up, electronics, groceries, guns, video games, toys, As Seen On TV and all at a low price in a big blue and white painted warehouse where America drones and walks the earth one ground shaking moment at a time.

There is a website now dedicated to the “People of Walmart“.  I never thought I would see that day but we all knew it would happen because if you have ever been to a Walmart you know, you just know.

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Mint & Money’s McLaughlin Group Roundup

ROCKWELL – Here in the Era of Opinion As Fact, it can sometimes be difficult to know who’s got the sharpest minds, the best sources, and the hardest talk.

Three Words: McLaughlin Group, motherfucker.


I promise you this: it is hella reasonable.

So, it’s time to grow up, pour yourself a tall, gin-based beverage in a handsome glass and start to deal with news commentary like an adult.  Looking at you here, Gen-X.

But don’t whine to your therapist yet, Nancy Pants.  I won’t go all R. Lee Ermey on you here.  With the help of my finest associate, Franklin Mint, I have assembled a McLaughlin Group primer by way of profiling its most prominent commentators to help you acclimate yourself to the only news commentary you will ever need.


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So you want to be Cash Money: City of God

RIO DE JANEIRO – I’m really looking forward to the 2016 Olympics.

I don’t really care about sports, per se, but I am going to watch the run up to the games vividly and then I’m going to laugh and laugh and laugh.


Well, besides the fact that landing at the airport is one of the most dangerous approaches in the world, I have had the good fortune to see the 2002 film, City of God (Cidade de Deus).

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Graph Alert: The New York Times actually comes up with a decent infographic?!

Surprisingly, yes!

Better yet, not even one that relates to Apple market share, rates of alcoholism in West Virginia, or Glenn Beck (*ahem* Pig-fucker conservative commentator).

This is one I’d love to embed (with due accreditation, of course) but sadly, NYT after all. Nevertheless, hit the link below for a decent look at the calculated average unemployment rate for a variety of demographics over the last twelve months (as of Sept). Change a few of the criteria around,  and a couple quick comparisons will reveal rather distinctly  exactly how far this country still needs to go in the areas of gender and racial equality. I suppose the one bright spot to a few of these numbers is the long term value that higher education can provide, despite its increasing cost and therefore declining availability. Moral of the story: get in school now, before you have to mortgage your first-born, your cat, and a kidney or two just for a little job security. There’s an Economy on, after all.

NYT graph of 12 month unemployment

We Now Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Broadcast: Pop!Tech ’09


If you’re not familiar with it, Pop!Tech is a yearly conference based in our very own Camden, Maine. It’s not a ‘Con, or and Event, but rather lives at a multidisciplinary corner somewhere North of Technology and East of Culture. Topics cover everything from the impact of technology on the arts, to the development and promotion of human culture, to recent developments in online security, to ideas around education reform. But what unites them all is a focus on thinking of the larger picture that any discipline can influence, and this year’s topic is billed as reimagining America. The design is to create a true synergistic environment to discuss art, culture, technology, and ideally motivate social change. The conference, which has been running for upwards of a decade,  is on through tomorrow. It’s gotten a bit pricey over the years, but luckily it’s also being streamed live as it happens, so hit the embed below. Any fan of big ideas will get a thrill out of this one, and after the jump are a few samples from previous years. Enjoy!

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