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Oh c’mon. It Didn’t hurt THAT bad.

A tip from @nitroplasmic and I felt a need here to take a brief time out.

You’re feeling good, in control of your life. In some sense, powerful. This is a wonderful feeling. Perhaps it’s the first time you’ve ever felt like this. Acknowledgement is deserved if you have managed to achieve that. I’d like to add a caveat.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” - Benjamin ”Ben“ Parker, various Spider-Man Comics.

What I love so much here is really the illustration that the quote should have been, “With great power, comes the knowledge that you’ve just gotten the attention of something much larger than yourself and are, therefore, fucked.”



Skrillex can be found here. And we here at BoL encourage you to report any suspicious activity possibly endangering children and/or violent latex deities.


Somebody’s got to look out for them. The deities, I mean.

Walmart Heydays…

I am not even going to pretend that I understand which way is front or back.

I am not even going to pretend that I understand which way is front or back.

/Sigh…   Where is the only place that you can go at 2am to see someone that might just be in worse shape than you but not because they are drunk?  Where else can you go at 2am and play with the bouncy balls, turn on all the nosey toys, sit down in the middle of the toy aisle to play battleships with your friends?  Walmart, of course!

I spent many countless moments of my young adult life wondering the aisles in the wee hours of the AM reeking havoic with my friends.  I spent many minutes people watching because in Walmart that is what you go there to do, to people watch.  I saw some crazy and very unfortunate things at Walmart.  It is the one place on earth that diversity is apparent.  Hookers to suits, dementia to child tantrums,  fashion statments to fashion mishaps, make-up, electronics, groceries, guns, video games, toys, As Seen On TV and all at a low price in a big blue and white painted warehouse where America drones and walks the earth one ground shaking moment at a time.

There is a website now dedicated to the “People of Walmart“.  I never thought I would see that day but we all knew it would happen because if you have ever been to a Walmart you know, you just know.

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The Future Will Be Gay

So, a couple weeks back several members of the BOL staff had given theirtwo cents about the gay marriage being overturned. Since I have been conspicuously absent I thought I would add my much belated opinion. Firstly, that sucks. I have a lot of friends that would like to get married but can’t. Secondly, legalizing gay marriage is good for the economy, so when you’re poor and bitching about how the governor doesn’t do enough, blame yourself for voting poorly. And lastly, for my gay friends out there who are feeling down and defeated and think it will never come true, don’t worry. In the future there will be open and legal gayness everywhere. If you don’t believe me watch Star Trek.

I know, I know what you’re thinking. “But that’s the sixties, everything back then was full of sexual tension. Look at Spartacus” This may be so, but have you taken a closer look at Star Trek: Next Generation? Keep in mind this is the future. Things are more open then, or I mean will be.

See! In the future gays will have equal rights and everything will be ok. So, stop trying to outlaw gay marriages.

The most watched TV show in the world…/sigh

There was a story on NPR this morning about the rise in TV watching and how it is catching on around the world.  I think most of us who were listening were all thinking the same thing, “Huh?  Catching on?  Umm, what does he mean ‘catching’ on?”  The journalist was comparing TV to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.  He was mostly pulling numbers out of 3rd world countries but still the idea intrigued me to do some research on my own.


I decided to try to find out what the most watched TV show in the world was and to my surprise it was Baywatch.  (internal sigh)  I was disappointed.  It actually made the Guinness Book of World Records with over 1.1 billion viewers.  I know that this has been played out in such movies as Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan when Borat came to New York and while in his hotel room stumbled upon a Baywatch episode with Pamela Anderson.  He thought this was the best show ever.  I wonder if that is because people in other countries visualize America to be like that of a Baywatch setting? (which is disheartening)  Maybe Hollywood has painted a picture that America can only deliver on the silver screen.  Long strips of sunny beaches with beautiful people running around doing fun things while looking beautiful and half-naked, yeah that only exist in the movies or on Baywatch.

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Notes on Transhumanism, or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Infobomb


I’ve been telling my friends (those poor, pitiful, beautiful souls that will put up with a good rant) for a while now that everything has shifted. You no longer need to KNOW much of anything; rather you need complete ACCESS to our combined knowledge. The paradigm, as it were, has fucking shifted.

Friday’s post got some rusty gears turning in my mental clock tower, and the idea of transcending our biologic limitations has taken root over the last several days. This Transhumanism thing is here, and we’re living it out of convenience, not out of purpose. The iPhone has pretty much guaranteed that. I propose a conscious choice. To live voluntarily in the world, of the world, and with all the world’s knowledge. Or choose, consciously, to limit yourself to what you solely can absorb, biases and all.

It should be pretty obvious by this point which side I’m on.

The point is this: Biologic evolution for us has not ended. However, our intellectual evolution has now outpaced it, and there’s a feedback loop there where the latter can now influence and design the former. This is the future shaping up here. It’s not later, its now. There could be a plea for generosity and compassion there, but that’s not the point. If you accept it for what it is, those things will come on their own.

So I pray.