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And so it begins again in earnest

It hasn’t actually been a year, I swear.

We seem to have lost pretty much all of 2011, but somehow this old gear still seems to work. We’ve had moves, a hosting switch, and all the distractions that come from giving a proper attempt at life. Needless to say, there’s some cobwebs to blow out around here. That said, well, it is what it is.

Online life can be a funny thing, and I’ve seen plenty of wizened commentary announcing the death of blogs (so 2002) and the rise of social media. Good on ya. Love it. Use it relentlessly. Not quite the same though as creating a space, an ambiance, even a fractured one. Social media is information, connection, conversation. But it’s not experience. I suppose I look at blogging in the same sense as writing a novel in the vein of Don Delillo or Ben Elton. Apparently random, disconnected, fractional. But seemingly despite that, it creates an over arching narrative. There’s a story told through metaphor. Nobody looses the plot, They just can’t predict it.

At any rate, what I really intended to say was welcome back.

I hope you stick around. I think there might be some good bits coming up.



Image via Mark Andrew Webber

Get into comics… The Cash Money Way! Part 2: Kingdom Come

COAST CITY – One of the biggest stigmas still attached to comics is that they are low brow.  Uncouth. Degenerate.

Like this.


But it’s not all like that. Yes, sadly, much of comicbookery is very smart and very interesting and very, very well illustrated.  Many comics have won prestigious literary awards and run the gamut of subject matter including social commentary, political commentary, and sexual commentary (and the boobs implied therein) – yes, comics have it all.  It’s not all about men in tights and improbably proportioned women.

That said, comics featuring these men and women can be used to express the same high-falutin’, literary, socio-political drama.  And, apparently, they can be made in using gouache.  This is perhaps most true in my second recommendation:

Kingdom Come


Written by Mark Waid, Esq.

Illustrated by the Rt. Hon. Alex Ross

[

Walmart Heydays…

I am not even going to pretend that I understand which way is front or back.

I am not even going to pretend that I understand which way is front or back.

/Sigh…   Where is the only place that you can go at 2am to see someone that might just be in worse shape than you but not because they are drunk?  Where else can you go at 2am and play with the bouncy balls, turn on all the nosey toys, sit down in the middle of the toy aisle to play battleships with your friends?  Walmart, of course!

I spent many countless moments of my young adult life wondering the aisles in the wee hours of the AM reeking havoic with my friends.  I spent many minutes people watching because in Walmart that is what you go there to do, to people watch.  I saw some crazy and very unfortunate things at Walmart.  It is the one place on earth that diversity is apparent.  Hookers to suits, dementia to child tantrums,  fashion statments to fashion mishaps, make-up, electronics, groceries, guns, video games, toys, As Seen On TV and all at a low price in a big blue and white painted warehouse where America drones and walks the earth one ground shaking moment at a time.

There is a website now dedicated to the “People of Walmart“.  I never thought I would see that day but we all knew it would happen because if you have ever been to a Walmart you know, you just know.

  [

Get into comics… The Cash Money Way! Part 1: The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck

200 WEST 40th STREET – Ohhhhh, comics.  I love ya, I love ya.  After a long day of making grim decisions and dealing with mankind, it’s so nice to pick up a glossy folio where all of life is reduced to GOOD and BAD.   A copy of Secret Six, a Singapore Sling, maybe some Call me Poupée, and I’m a happily anesthetized little, fuzzy, man-child.


Ho ho.  Good times in the Money Manse.

But not everyone loves comics the way I love comics.  And that is terrible.

No worries, though, I -as ever- am here to help.

Over the next five (5) weeks I’ll bring you a few general tips and some specific recommendations to get you and keep you into comics once and for all.

[

The post that should have been.

I just couldn’t do it tonight, I am wore out from the long weekend of holiday parties and hosting.  I sat down at my computer tonight to type out the saved draft that I started last week but I just had to close it.  Why? you wonder, well, I knew I couldn’t write it well, not tonight anyways.  So, it will just have to wait till I can come back to it and do it some justice.

So, in the meantime, I have back-ups…WOOT!  Thank god, for the endless hours I spend doing internet research, youtube watching and saving stuff to my Google reader! (see, it is useful!)

If you know anything about me, know this one thing, I am a fangirl of Repo! The Genetic Opera.  I adore everything about this movie.  I never tire of watching it and I know in my heart of deeply, demented hearts it will one day be like the Rocky Horror Picture Show scene, only with a  more modern twist; given our current generation.  For my own personal confirmation of that little statement, this last Thanksgiving celebration about 5 of us started to sing the Zydrate Anatomy song a cappella style, while sitting around drinking wine and surfing youtube on the TV…it was awesome!

In addition to being a fan of the SIMS game, I found this little piece of heaven that just makes me all giddy inside!(singing …Zydrate comes in a little glass vial, a little glass vial? a little glass vial.)

Oh, press play and enjoy! teehee!