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Walmart Heydays…

I am not even going to pretend that I understand which way is front or back.

I am not even going to pretend that I understand which way is front or back.

/Sigh…   Where is the only place that you can go at 2am to see someone that might just be in worse shape than you but not because they are drunk?  Where else can you go at 2am and play with the bouncy balls, turn on all the nosey toys, sit down in the middle of the toy aisle to play battleships with your friends?  Walmart, of course!

I spent many countless moments of my young adult life wondering the aisles in the wee hours of the AM reeking havoic with my friends.  I spent many minutes people watching because in Walmart that is what you go there to do, to people watch.  I saw some crazy and very unfortunate things at Walmart.  It is the one place on earth that diversity is apparent.  Hookers to suits, dementia to child tantrums,  fashion statments to fashion mishaps, make-up, electronics, groceries, guns, video games, toys, As Seen On TV and all at a low price in a big blue and white painted warehouse where America drones and walks the earth one ground shaking moment at a time.

There is a website now dedicated to the “People of Walmart“.  I never thought I would see that day but we all knew it would happen because if you have ever been to a Walmart you know, you just know.

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Man In the Mirror – RIP

I know I am a bit late doing an RIP on Michael Jackson but I thought I would let the dust settle and do it when it felt right. IMHO I think “Man In the Mirror” was how he viewed himself but that’s just me.

I am not a huge fan of MJ but I will remember his death because it was one of those, “No way, seriously? Michael Jackson died?” moments when I heard. I grew up listening to him all over the radio and tv. I remember when he married Lisa Marie Presley and I remember when he was a smooth criminal and not just a freak with no face. He always reminded me of the fictional character Peter Pan and I think I am not alone when I say that. He didn’t want to grow up and who could blame him for that. I guess what I am trying to say is that he was a generation icon for us Gen-Xers and you don’t realize those things until it’s too late even if you weren’t a big fan.

I believe he wanted to change himself and then change the world; he just didn’t know how. It is sad that he will be adored in death more than he was in life. We may not have liked his personal life but we can appreciate him for his musical talents and contributions to the industry.


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Man In the Mirror – Michael Jackson

Saturday Morning Webcomics

Catching up on the feeds and my backlog from the last few days of craziness, and came across this little reality check from The Chopping Block by Lee Adam Herold:


I always forget to check this site as much as I’d like, and there’s some real gems there. I’m hoping for a full RSS post feed so I can get these pushed to me at work to keep things in perspective!

ode to the human rhinovirus infection

Personally, I thought it was a fitting time to address this issue.  Seeing as I bought a box of tissues and a generic brand name for dayquil at the grocery store yesterday.  I first felt the virus coming on Sunday day and bought a box of Zicam chewable.  Hoping that it would either stop the cold dead in it’s tracks or a least shorten it’s life span within me.  I do not know if the $11 box of Zicam helped or not but all I know is that I have this retched cold that makes me sound like I’m talking out of my nose!  I don’t feel tired (yet) but I am annoyed with the running nose and sneezing!  I think this is cold number 3 for me this season.  I am just thankful I haven’t seen a soar throat out of this one (crossing fingers!)

Apparently, I am not the only one suffering from the beautiful mutated virus this time of the year!  This sounds so familiar:

Between October and March, the following scene plays out in workplaces across the country.

Employee 1: “I think I’m coming down with something.”

Employee 2: “Yeah, something’s been going around. Everyone’s got it.”

Never mind how annoying it is that something’s always going around, thereby robbing you of much-needed sympathy. Every flu season it does seem that at least one employee comes down with something and, by spring, everyone will have suffered from it.

Did you ever wonder why no one can seem to shake that ailment? One big reason is the constant stream of under-the-weather employees reporting to work. Yes, punctual, dependable colleagues are making you sick.

In fall and winter, expect to hear a symphony of sniffles, sneezes and groans from employees who refuse to stay home. At first you might admire their tenacity to get the job done despite their own health. Then you realize their presence might make you and everyone else feel just as bad in a few days — suddenly they’re not so admirable.

courtesy of:  http://www.cnn.com/2009/LIVING/worklife/02/02/cb.do.not.work.sick/index.html

Washing your hands is the simplest and most effective way to keep from getting a cold.  I know it’s hard but do not touch your nose or eyes.  If you have a cold you should always sneeze or cough into a facial tissue, and promptly throw it away. That is just common courtesy. If possible, avoid close, prolonged exposure to persons who have colds.  This is hard when you have to be at work or live with someone.

It’s unbelievable but the rhinoviruses can survive up to three hours outside the nasal passages on inanimate objects and skin, cleaning environmental surfaces with a virus-killing disinfectant like Lysol spray might help prevent spread of infection.  The use of hand sanitizers is not always a good idea because they can kill the good kind of bacteria too.

Just hunker down and ride the cold out…drink lots of water and get rest…that’s about all we really can do.

(Click on the links for zicam and lysol to visit their site for coupons!)
Some info came from: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and my personal knowledge of dealing with a cold.

R.I.P Bettie Page

1923 – 12/11/2008

Its enough to make one want to throw over the covers and hide your head under the pillow.

Bye Bye Bettie from Coilhouse puts it in a great deal more perspective than I can today. She will be missed, and forever remembered.