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I was a happy man with a bag of guitar picks

APPLE, THE BIG – My very finest associate, playwright Timothy Charles Browne, is premiering his third big-timey play in two years, “One Night With Raël” at this year’s ANT Fest at Ars Nova, on Wednesday, October 28 at 8 p.m.
It seems that, while watching Anne Frank being taken from behind by Nazis in Browne’s last off-Broadway sensation, “The Erotic Diary of Anne Frank,” attending director, Snehal Desai, decided then and there that Browne was, obviously, the only man to write his upcoming musical about Raël, charismatic ex-race car driver, guitarist, and magazine publisher turned oversexed conduit to alien divinity.


The Raëlians, you might recall, popped up on the science radar about a decade ago when one of their member’s cloning concerns, Clonaid, claimed to have cloned a goddamn human being. But a movement does not survice on cloning alone… though… I suppose it could. But, no, it requires a lot of singin’, a lot of sexin’, and a lot of accepting the power of the Elohim through yer flippin’ frontal lope! But act quick, time is tight and mankind just might miss its window to escape… AN AGE OF APOCALYPSE!


The show used to have a great Link Wray joke and now it doesn’t, but I’m sure the play will still manage to hold up somehow as Browne’s work never fails to amuse. People in-the-know have quietly muttered under their breath that Browne’s work is the hippest in NYC and with this particular offering featuring an original score by composer John Fischer UPDATE:   sorta cobbled together at the last moment by incompetents, there is no way that your socks will not be blown completely off and to opposite ends of the room.

Sadly, I won’t be able to personally get down to the NYC to see this one, which pains me greatly, but, no free beer means no Cash Money. These are the breaks.

Tickets are a mere $10. That’s crazy stupid cheap.

Rules for Life in 2010

I suppose its natural that during the first month of a new year one should take stock of one’s situation and attempt to formulate a plan of action for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, here’s a few of the rules for how I see my life in the next few years:

  1. If you can’t move it; either by yourself or with the help of a misanthropic teenager, you don’t need it!
  2. Access is better than ownership. Just shift the fucking paradigm and get over it already. More eloquently here.
  3. Debt is not a commodity. We’ve already been down that road. It is Bondage. Not the fun kind.
  4. Information wants to be free. ‘Free’ in this sense does not correlate directly to ‘unprofitable’.
  5. Contribute. Irregardless of your level of ability and/or interest, you have the power to express influence, and to be influenced by others in return. Use it.

I’m curious to see what everyone else has come up with (personal predictions being the epitome of a guilty pleasure). So, by all means, dish. What will the technopocalyptic future bring for you?

Does this mean we’re not on Tele anymore?

There’s many things that we here at BoL have to be thankful for this year; some more surprising than others. But for everyone of them and everything that’s gone on in between I am grateful. Here’s a few of things that have kept me going:

I defy anyone who does not see REPO: the genetic opera if only for the fact that I have had this song stuck in my head for the past month (just try and picture what that can do to your mindset). I MUST see this movie!

The fact that World War Z may actually see light as a full length film is utterly brilliant. If this happens in ’09 I will be the first in line…

Happy feasting!

BoL recommends…

La Vielle Ferme

La Vielle Ferme

Of late this has been the tipple of choice around the BoL environs. Not too sweet, not too tart. But with a hint of both and a very slight fruitiness. Plus we’re poor, so a refreshingly priced $8 bottle warms the very cockles of our atrophied hearts. Now, if they can only keep it in stock within shambling distance…

Ideal for: light beef preparations, stir fry, zombie apocalypse, Sunday picnics, random mutations, and casual entertaining.

Could it be the future?

Fantastic demonstration of a Stirling Engine in Japan, the design predates the gasoline and diesel designs we’re used to. The premise is that they function off a heat differential acting upon a pressurized cylinder. The benefit of course being that any method of generating a temperature differential (solar, burning fuel, geothermal, etc) will drive the engine; which in turn can spin a turbine. Since electrical power generation pretty much universally depends on different methods of simply spinning a turbine, this describes a myriad of possibilities that electricity could be created. Obviously there’s some issues with the design (deformation of the surrounding material for one) but the principle is truly exciting.

Steampunks, start your engines…

Link Via japundit