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Friday Night Anime Block, Holiday Edition: Tokyo Godfathers


Strange as it may seems, as it turns out both Cash and I share the same favorite Holiday movie.

Oh yes, what else could I be referring to but Satoshi Kon‘s acclaimed Tokyo Godfathers? And it’s only fair that in that spirit of  Giving that’s so embalmed in this season that we bring to you our own small offering of Peace and Light.

(really, JMAF Excellence Prize; that is some seriously heavy shit right there.)

And Runaways. (The one’s with good taste in bottled water).

And Regretful Alchoholics. (Who make good in the end).

And Drag Queens. (Really, really nice and responsible ones).

And abandoned Babies. (I think that might be mostly decor).

In all honesty though, this is quite possibly one of the most realistic yet uplifting traditionally Holiday films I’ve ever come across. By far surpassing Its a Wonderful Life, or even (god help me) A Charlie Brown Christmas.

I made it a point last year to purchase a copy (do it!) and I literally insist upon watching it the week before Christmas. This movie will be shown in gratitude each year by my household for perpetuity.  Its about time we remembered that at one point or another we all came from the streets, wherever they may be, and give acknowledgment to the struggles of others.

Even us hyphy white bastards.

Merry ChristmaHanukKwanzaaiHajira (or Yule for my folks) to you all, with the very best wishes to all from everyone at BoL!
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Friday Night Anime Block; The format returns, sort of: Gantz


Heh. This may be some sort of twisted personal best, but I’ve just discovered that a Google search for ‘Dystopian Anime’ now returns this column on both pages 1 & 2 ( who knows, maybe others too, I got bored).

Leaving aside what that actually might imply about my posting, in honor of this achievement we’ll take a little departure this evening into the just purely off-kilter, as opposed to the slightly more linear and focused oddities that my coverage usually entails.

I recall some years ago, during the midst of my redbull-fueled Netflix addiction, one evening the nascent BoL Consortium was debating the wisdom of watching a movie. Alas, the only thing we had at our disposal was an as-yet-unheard-of by any of us anime by the name of Gantz. Within the first few minutes, there were several yelps from the back of the room in addition to some notable cringing. As Cash Money put it to me recently, “It starts bizarre and crass. And ends bizarre, crass, and unexplained.”

While his description is utterly on the mark (and I’ve had more than a few cringe-worthy moments myself with this series), nevertheless there are probably a few guilty moments of that internal monologue we’ve all had at one point or another. In a sense I appreciate the attempt to make the characters sympathetic by being unlikeable. It’s a tactic that has served a number of authors well (I’m looking at you Chuck Palahniuk!), and sort of a staple of the modern sense of absurdism. It’s interesting to see it translated to the anime form.
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Shadow People

In a fit of hysterical modesty, Gestalt has yet to post his latest filmic endeavor (yes, yes. I know. But I like the way it sounds). So, without further ado:

It’s very much in the BoL temperament and it was really enjoyable to watch it develop through its various iterations, starting out as a slow exploration of the psychology of leading multiple simultaneous lives, each with their own dependencies, and ending up somewhere around 200bpm Faustian self-realization. Plus, how often does one get to cameo as a paranoid hallucination?

And before you ask, yes. That’s real blood.

Link to the Youtube post

Aaannnnd we’re back!

After a brief sojourn into the depths of Google hell, we have returned! Apologies to the BoL folk who kept with us during this outage, and many thanks to our webmistress Morgana and our hosting company Downeasthost for their help and inspiration! Strangely, it can sometimes be a wonderful thing to have your comfort zone intruded on, and its inspired us to do a bit of work around here. I can’t say what exactly, but I’m thinking we’ll see a few changes in the coming months. So to all our readers, thanks! and look forward to some interesting time ahead.

Methodolgy II

Apparently we’ve returned a search result for “and all the Earth will flame”. My faith in Google’s Page rank has officially been restored. Next goal: Rabid Squirrels Infect Small Connecticut Town with Ebola Virus.