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Cash Money’s Culinary Challenge #2, Aftermath: “You’ll Roux the Day!”

THE LAB -In a rare and uncharacteristic turn of events, I have both remembered and participated in our most recent Culinary Challenge.

Clutch the pearls and step back, Cash Money is in the kitchen tonight… ladies.

But you can stop reaching for that fire extinguisher, I’ve got adult supervision for this escapade in so much as Etruscan and Gestalt count as adults.

The subject: McDonald’s food used in part or entirety to make something vaguely edible.


Etruscan has brought to bear his  considerable culinary acumen and he will toil to make McD’s food as palatable as possible.  There is a roux.

My own contributions will be distinctly bachelor flavored.

Gestalt will drink PBR and be preparing a heaping helping of snark.  Just like Mama Money used to make.

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Cash Money Culinary Challenge #2: Fast Food, Upgraded

TRAPPED IN THE DRIVE THRU-You know, I wasn’t  really going to chime in or really admit to getting embarrassed about this whole Yes On 1 victory.

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Hoo boy.
The heroes that I look to in my times of despair are mocking me.
That’s a… hoo… that’s a bad sign, right there.  Jeez!  Et Tu, Daily Show?


Time to anesthetize!

Let’s drink heavily EAT!  And – you know what – let’s not do this halfway, let’s go to fucking McDONALD’S.

Awwww, what’s the matter, sweet pea?  Too good to enjoy a McNugget?  Think you can do better?  Sounds like a CULINARY CHALLENGE to me.

The CHALLENGE: to create a dish using ingredients from McDonald’s.  Could be an upgrade of classic menu item, could be using parts of items to create something completely new.  The sky is the limit and the budgetary concerns are actually pretty manageable.  The economy and all that.  Hell, even I will be getting into the act on this one, folks, so you’ve really got no excuse not to participate.

The RESULTS: we’ll post the results up here in a couple of weeks so get in the lab then post a comment down in the comment… post… thing… there on the bottom and we’ll try to contact you to add your submissions to the results post.



Ja vol Mein oberst!

Cash Money’s Culinary Challenge, Aftermath: The Teriyakalypse.

Oh ho, thought I forgot about this one, didn’t you?

Oh, Cash Money never forgets a challenge that involves him eating something and I will have you know this:

I won.

Why? Because I ate it.

Ha, ha, SUCKERS.

Etruscan’s take on the Cherry Teriyaki Challenge took kebab form featuring some really enthusiastically carved lamb from Hannaford’s, a little onion and green pepper, and more lamb.  The final product was plated in a very professional fashion with a disc of rice and nice salad.


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Cash Money Culinary Challenge #1: Cherry Teriyaki

OKHAIDHUNGA -I have friends whose talents run to the culinary.  I certainly have never claimed such.  I’m the guy who screwed up instant mac & cheese.  You probably read about that one in the papers.  Yes, that was me.  True story.

However, do not mistake that episode for a lack of understanding of the fundamental concepts, precepts, and forceps of food.  I just… can’t do it.   As such, I prefer to come up with a cockamamie idea and challenge my culinarily-inclined associates to command performances!

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Glorious Hibachi Eggman Seppuku

BATH— How’s this for inane:  twenty one hundred hours, Deadline Eve, inspiration distant, connection to world at large vague, right foot ankle deep in pilfered Little Playmate Igloo cooler full of scalding water, confidence in Mayo Clinic website remedy for ingrown toenail waning.  Then this, bed, and another three hours starting at a skein of yarn, nine hours of 14-year-old sass, 20 minutes of Daily Show joy.  And what you’re doing is so very different, I’m sure.

Cut to Kon Asian Bistro.

First break in stir craziness in a good long while and it’s nice to be around adults my age who don’t wear shorts to work.  A first for me: I’m over dressed, but— good news— somehow, I’m still the asshole for it.  Doesn’t matter; I’m turbo stoked to see someone throw vittles around on a grill then eat ‘em.    A few burned maitais and it’s Go Time.

Enter Hibachi Guy.

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