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Friday Night Anime Block, Holiday Edition: Tokyo Godfathers


Strange as it may seems, as it turns out both Cash and I share the same favorite Holiday movie.

Oh yes, what else could I be referring to but Satoshi Kon‘s acclaimed Tokyo Godfathers? And it’s only fair that in that spirit of  Giving that’s so embalmed in this season that we bring to you our own small offering of Peace and Light.

(really, JMAF Excellence Prize; that is some seriously heavy shit right there.)

And Runaways. (The one’s with good taste in bottled water).

And Regretful Alchoholics. (Who make good in the end).

And Drag Queens. (Really, really nice and responsible ones).

And abandoned Babies. (I think that might be mostly decor).

In all honesty though, this is quite possibly one of the most realistic yet uplifting traditionally Holiday films I’ve ever come across. By far surpassing Its a Wonderful Life, or even (god help me) A Charlie Brown Christmas.

I made it a point last year to purchase a copy (do it!) and I literally insist upon watching it the week before Christmas. This movie will be shown in gratitude each year by my household for perpetuity.  Its about time we remembered that at one point or another we all came from the streets, wherever they may be, and give acknowledgment to the struggles of others.

Even us hyphy white bastards.

Merry ChristmaHanukKwanzaaiHajira (or Yule for my folks) to you all, with the very best wishes to all from everyone at BoL!
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Friday Night Anime Block: Shangri-la


You may have noticed that out of the line up this column has produced, I’ve done my best to shy away from some of the more obvious picks (well, unless they were really good) for dystopian anime. I haven’t done Appleseed, or Ghost in the Shell, or any of that lot. Despite the subject matter being fitting. Rather, I have chosen to weekly trawl the interwebs in search of somewhat more inaccessible fare.

Seriously? 4chan? What was I thinking? My eyes bled for a week after that.

But nevertheless, I think it’s turned out well. Its in that spirit that I bring you Shangri-La.

Because you knew after last week, there just had to be another dose of Ecopocalypse!

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Friday Night Anime Block, Feature Edition: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind


Ahh, the classics. I can’t believe I’ve neglected to include this in the Friday line up so far. Hayao Miyazaki‘s Nausicaa. It’s entirely probable that you’ve seen this already, but I can’t help but give due deference to one of the more formative films of my life.

Picture, if you will, a young boy growing up media-less in the wilderness of Northern New England in the early eighties. When one day his family discovers it’s possible to rent a VCR for the weekend; they’d only had two broadcast channels up until then.

Yes, I said VCR, stop snickering.

This was one of the first films they rented. I can’t suppose what stroke of fate led them to it, a Father’s love of Scifi and a passion to impart it to his children, or perhaps a desire to ride out the impending blizzard with the comfort of animation. Nevertheless. There was the young Etruscan (if such a thing could be said to exist), camped out during the worst storm of the year with a bowl of popcorn at the foot of the couch, marveling at this new piece of technology and watching what is frequently referred to as one of Miyazaki’s greatest works; the boy’s first exposure to anime. I can recall that the Father was so impressed that by the end of the weekend, before the VCR had to be returned, every neighborhood child (all three!) had been around to the house to watch it with us. Not to mention educated about ecological disaster.

And after that, we watched Weird Science. Booyah!

The odd thing is, sometimes I still dream of these images.


Friday Night Anime…shun Block: Broken Saints


Right. Not exactly anime, I know.

Perhaps I’ve been overly influenced by the fact that a new comics store opened only three blocks away from me recently, but I’ve been on a tear through Transmetropolitan, DMZ, and The Walking Dead these last few weeks. And by tear my inference is that entire days, nay, whole weekends at a time have succumbed to their inky goodness.

Needless to say, my wallet hates me.

Then again, it probably hates you too. But that’s inconsequential. You’re not chained to the thing.

For me at least though, I enjoy the sheer physicality of holding a trade collection, or a book for that matter,  down to the smell of the ink and even paper cuts. Antiquated, I know. But coming across a recent tweet announcing that Joss Whedon’s X-men was going all moving picturish on Hulu put me in mind of this. It’s a remarkable example of the successful convergence of forms. A moving comic. Not animated mind you, simply moving. And frankly, the outcome is really pretty stunning.

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Friday Night Anime Block: Battle Angel Alita


Sadly, I’m running a bit short of time the fall evening, so I’ll have to make this one brief. However, I do not come empty-handed. Tonight I’ve managed to round up for you the part 1 and part 2 OVAs for the English subbed release of Battle Angel Alita, apparently released in the US as ‘Gunnm‘ (which was news to me, actually).

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