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So you want to be Cash Money: Unknown Soldier

MBARARA – Now and again, I come across a piece of work so incredibly badass that I almost feel like I wrote it myself. And sometimes I basically have.

The new incarnation of Unknown Soldier is one of those works.


[

The Curse of the Zombanna

This is a mockumentary about a banana that came back from the dead and frightened a local grocery store and its employees. They recall their personal encounters and share their fears of the Zombanna. I have this distinct feeling I will never look at bananas the same again. I am astonished by the amount of time and effort someone put into the making of this short film. I love the random placing of the giant rubber band ball. This has to be the best mockumentary I’ve seen in a while.

Even our fruit is not safe! Enjoy!

“A Hard Day’s Night of the Living Dead!”

Youtube is classic for trapping people and never returning them to their natural state of mind. I think it has officially happened to me! In keeping with the our Saturday Zombie theme, I present: Zombeatles

Enjoy the BRAINS!

THE GOMERS : A higher quality version of the original – Look away as the Zombeatles play their hit, “I Want To Eat Your Brain.” No one knows who they are or where they came from but their very name drips with menace! This footage may shock the world, a herald of coming doom! Beware! More at Beeftone.”

To close out the Saturday “Zombie Fest”

This one is for you Gestalt!

After the Bush announcement regarding the zombie threat I decided I needed to take this seriously. I finally found the most reliable news source for all my zombie-phobia anxiety. I can stay up to date on where the current threat is and where the next one could be. Join the nation in realization of the Zombie threat!

It could save your life: http://www.zombieworldnews.com/