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Get offended early and avoid the rush, it’s…


If you happen to be in one of The Five Boroughs on Saturday, August 29, and also happen to be a savage mongoloid with nowhere to go and nothing to lose devotee of theatre, be sure to catch the world premier of the nazisploitation-comedy  “The Erotic Diary of Anne Frank,” the latest contemptible heap of malodorous pop culture pap and putrescence masterpiece from some asshole my very finest associate, Timothy Charles Browne, the hack author of  last year’s sold-out smash-hit, “The Most Lamentable & Tragical Historie of the Barber-Surgeons,”  where there was, at least, free beer my favorite play ever.

Get yer tickets quick, before they sell out.  Plus, free beer, so you know I’ll be there.


Cash Money’s Big Fat Geek Crush List, 2K9 Edition Part 5 of an ever growing number: Kate Beaton

Kate Beaton


Date of Birth: Nova Scotia,

Birth Name: Alberta

Height: New Brunswick feet, Ontario inches (British Columbia centimeters)

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When you find yourself loathing in a fierce, utterance of Microsoft rant rage, just think of this little piece. I found it gave me a different outlook (heh.) on MS. They really do have a sense of humor and it’s a brilliant one! I really can’t do it justice and only hope you find it to be just as cool as I did and if not then maybe you haven’t tried creating a pivot table in excel lately…WORD.

Visio is back!

Percussive Violence

One of the all time best skits from the BBC show Monkey Dust, of which the crew here are dedicated fans. Unfortunately recent events, most notably the refusal of the Attorney General’s office to take a clear stance on Waterboarding as an abhorrent method of of torture have brought this to light in a new way for me. It’s days like this that I reminisce about thinking this was funny and not prophetic….