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And so it begins again in earnest

It hasn’t actually been a year, I swear.

We seem to have lost pretty much all of 2011, but somehow this old gear still seems to work. We’ve had moves, a hosting switch, and all the distractions that come from giving a proper attempt at life. Needless to say, there’s some cobwebs to blow out around here. That said, well, it is what it is.

Online life can be a funny thing, and I’ve seen plenty of wizened commentary announcing the death of blogs (so 2002) and the rise of social media. Good on ya. Love it. Use it relentlessly. Not quite the same though as creating a space, an ambiance, even a fractured one. Social media is information, connection, conversation. But it’s not experience. I suppose I look at blogging in the same sense as writing a novel in the vein of Don Delillo or Ben Elton. Apparently random, disconnected,¬†fractional. But seemingly despite that, it creates an over arching narrative. There’s a story told through metaphor. Nobody looses the plot, They just can’t predict it.

At any rate, what I really intended to say was welcome back.

I hope you stick around. I think there might be some good bits coming up.



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Aaannnnd we’re back!

After a brief sojourn into the depths of Google hell, we have returned! Apologies to the BoL folk who kept with us during this outage, and many thanks to our webmistress Morgana and our hosting company Downeasthost for their help and inspiration! Strangely, it can sometimes be a wonderful thing to have your comfort zone intruded on, and its inspired us to do a bit of work around here. I can’t say what exactly, but I’m thinking we’ll see a few changes in the coming months. So to all our readers, thanks! and look forward to some interesting time ahead.

Rules for Life in 2010

I suppose its natural that during the first month of a new year one should take stock of one’s situation and attempt to formulate a plan of action for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, here’s a few of the rules for how I see my life in the next few years:

  1. If you can’t move it; either by yourself or with the help of a misanthropic teenager, you don’t need it!
  2. Access is better than ownership. Just shift the fucking paradigm and get over it already. More eloquently here.
  3. Debt is not a commodity. We’ve already been down that road. It is Bondage. Not the fun kind.
  4. Information wants to be free. ‘Free’ in this sense does not correlate directly to ‘unprofitable’.
  5. Contribute. Irregardless of your level of ability and/or interest, you have the power to express influence, and to be influenced by others in return. Use it.

I’m curious to see what everyone else has come up with (personal predictions being the epitome of a guilty pleasure). So, by all means, dish. What will the technopocalyptic future bring for you?


For those of you that stop by here on a regular basis, you’ve probably noticed that over the weekend we’ve added a couple ad boxes to the site (hello, little ad boxes!). This was something we talked about a bit in our last Board meeting and in the end we set up Project Wonderful for the ad serving. This to me actually makes this more of a sociological experiment than an attempt at monetization. See, cool thing about this is that we’ll only serve ads that people intentionally bid to place here, which means that these sellers have something they believe a niche group like our readership will be interested in (actually, Neko’s been eyeing the wares of Etsy seller Sedruola all this morning). Net result? We all get to find interesting new things we may not have otherwise, the folks that advertise here get some exposure, and everybody goes home happy. And that was always our intent with this site; to celebrate the things we love and find interesting, and to find a way to bring that to an audience that we might not be able to reach otherwise. So by all means, check out the ads (I’ve already seen a couple cool ones crop up!), comment, send us ideas of note, and generally help us make this a space where we can enjoy one another’s art and oddities as it was always intended. We’re happy to have you, and we’ll all sleep better at night for it.