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The post that should have been.

I just couldn’t do it tonight, I am wore out from the long weekend of holiday parties and hosting.  I sat down at my computer tonight to type out the saved draft that I started last week but I just had to close it.  Why? you wonder, well, I knew I couldn’t write it well, not tonight anyways.  So, it will just have to wait till I can come back to it and do it some justice.

So, in the meantime, I have back-ups…WOOT!  Thank god, for the endless hours I spend doing internet research, youtube watching and saving stuff to my Google reader! (see, it is useful!)

If you know anything about me, know this one thing, I am a fangirl of Repo! The Genetic Opera.  I adore everything about this movie.  I never tire of watching it and I know in my heart of deeply, demented hearts it will one day be like the Rocky Horror Picture Show scene, only with a  more modern twist; given our current generation.  For my own personal confirmation of that little statement, this last Thanksgiving celebration about 5 of us started to sing the Zydrate Anatomy song a cappella style, while sitting around drinking wine and surfing youtube on the TV…it was awesome!

In addition to being a fan of the SIMS game, I found this little piece of heaven that just makes me all giddy inside!(singing …Zydrate comes in a little glass vial, a little glass vial? a little glass vial.)

Oh, press play and enjoy! teehee!

Fear in space is not obsolete yet

Pandorum is quite good. Really!

…though you’d never know it from its abysmal MetaCritic score
Having now seen it on a whim I’m mildly confused but am also suspicious that it might not have been made to please critics. It’s unapologetic science fiction and I had a good time.

The movie comes hunting you with teeth bared, and you get little more warning than the story’s characters, who are introduced as they awake from induced hibernation with no memories, alone. The danger is not brutally apparent while the story stalks you, and you’re allowed to think maybe this won’t be so bad for a little while. But it is.

There is a lot of familiar ground here, what with the isolated spaceship, cryo pods, and (thank heavens) SPACE MADNESS. The Gothic/industrial set design really does harken back to Event Horizon and a great deal more of the atmosphere is borrowed from I Am Legend. The film has been legitimately criticized on these points, but dwelling on it is culturally hypocritical. Go back and watch Dark City, The Thirteenth Floor, and eXistenZ, then tell me that The Matrix is original. It IS an original configuration of a set of collective ideas that we’ve been mulling over for a while, and it came together in a way that more people found more compelling than earlier iterations. Pandorum may not be a Great Film, but it deserves the same consideration.

It also looks great. Darkness and a mechanical complexity squeeze a lot of use out of a few sets. A lot of prosthetic makeup and minimal CGI give the film a lot of the gritty texture I’ve been missing in the era of Virtual Studios.

You won’t get a summary from me because, like Memento, this one is more enjoyable if you’re not primed. Following the revelation of the situation with the characters is clearly integral to the plan.

And there is a plan. Like its predecessor Event Horizon (whose director Paul W. S. Anderson is credited as Executive Producer), Pandorum is about professionals dealing with surpassingly bad circumstances. Its pacing displays the heroism of trying to understand what’s transpiring. Ripley in her Power Loader begins to look a bit savage against the even excellence-under-fire of Pandorum’s central characters. It’s a refreshing escape after a decade of knee-jerk screaming in the news, and that’s really the point.

Pandorum is not the string of filmmaking errors some would have you believe. Of course it does not stand among the likes of 2001, Forbidden Planet, and Moon as a Great Film, but don’t ask that of it. I haven’t been getting to the movie theater enough lately, and Pandorum made me happy that I took the time.

New Movies this Week!

(warning:  I haven’t done this in a while so forgive me if I forg0t how!)

The 5 Top Box Office Hits this Week:

1.  Zombieland – $25 million

2.  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – $16.7 million

3.  Toy Story & Toy Story 2 – Double Feature: (in Disney Digital 3-D) – $12.5 million

4.  Invention of Lying – $7.4 million

5.  Surrogates – $7.3 million


Coco Before Chanel (with Audrey Tautou)  —– Playing Now!

This is playing in select cities in the US right now.  I am a bit jealous of NY and LA due to the fact that they get to preview such films before the rest of us do!  I suppose one would just have to travel to see such art.  I am a huge fan of Audrey Tautou.  She has acted in some amazing films over the last decade.  Most know her from Amélie.  Even her recent commercial for the Chanel perfume is great!

OPENING:  This Friday! (10/9/09)

(all these flipping dramas and so called comedies…sigh.)
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When you find yourself loathing in a fierce, utterance of Microsoft rant rage, just think of this little piece. I found it gave me a different outlook (heh.) on MS. They really do have a sense of humor and it’s a brilliant one! I really can’t do it justice and only hope you find it to be just as cool as I did and if not then maybe you haven’t tried creating a pivot table in excel lately…WORD.

Visio is back!

Holy. Crap.

Twitch has picked up the trailer for a new work from the director of Machine Girl, Noboru Iguchi. As I may have mentioned previously, You Lot Are In For It Now. {nsfw}

At one point I actually believed I had cerebral-spinal fluid remaining. My naivety has surely been proven most ill-advised. All bodily fluids have vanished, to be replaced by a gelatinous lime colored substance that offers me no comfort when walking up stairs. And the cause of this affliction is but one word: RoboGeisha (although to be truthful, I was offered a moment of reprieve with the fried shrimp). Honestly, I still haven’t recovered from the trailer. I am grateful for an upcoming vacation so that I only have to present a vague semblance of sanity for a couple lingering days.

This is going to be awesome.

Twitch. Note: Looks like io9 and ectomo have had this drop into their salt-worn nets as well.