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My Muse…

Because it is just that good.  The video is absolutly amazing.  I love the effects and the constant wavy interruption that gives it that creepy feeling that makes it all come to life on my screen.  Videos have come a LONG way and besides this lot has amazing musical talent to match.  They make me want to do unintended and powerfully great things.  When music inspires…

MARIO BASANOV & VIDIS feat JAZZU: I’ll be gone

I’ll be gone from KORB on Vimeo.

Excellent video from two of Lithuania’s finest house producers, Mario Basanov and Vidis.  The melding of sounds with visuals in this video creates a wonderful synesthesia that just jumps right of the page.  I’m used to light traveling in particles and waves simultaneously, but sound…that’s sorcery.

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Because it just seems appropriate given our recent stint of impugning of the world around us.  I was awakened by a sweet cup of coffee by my bedside and a loving smile.  When I am happy songs will pop into my mind as if they are the theme for that moment.  I took my cup of sweetness and stared out my window over the streets of the city.  The morning is grey with light bits of rain in between the wind.  The trees still have their orange leaves but only clinging by a small thread to the half-bare trees.  There seem to be more on the ground than on the branches.

I sipped my coffee and this song came into my head and I got that spine-chilling feeling that only happens when you know you’ve heard the truth.  So enjoy the morning air for it is amazingly breathless and full of life but only if you pull it in.

and just for the pure fun of it…this piece of jewel was a rough among the youtubes…

What’s that coming out of my speakers?

It’s a dreary Saturday afternoon looking out over the city in October with rain pelting my windows.  I always find myself listening to music and wanting to write when the weather presents its self as such.  Maybe I am convinced there is something important to write down.  Here is a bit of the music that is streaming out of this place today…


Man In the Mirror – RIP

I know I am a bit late doing an RIP on Michael Jackson but I thought I would let the dust settle and do it when it felt right. IMHO I think “Man In the Mirror” was how he viewed himself but that’s just me.

I am not a huge fan of MJ but I will remember his death because it was one of those, “No way, seriously? Michael Jackson died?” moments when I heard. I grew up listening to him all over the radio and tv. I remember when he married Lisa Marie Presley and I remember when he was a smooth criminal and not just a freak with no face. He always reminded me of the fictional character Peter Pan and I think I am not alone when I say that. He didn’t want to grow up and who could blame him for that. I guess what I am trying to say is that he was a generation icon for us Gen-Xers and you don’t realize those things until it’s too late even if you weren’t a big fan.

I believe he wanted to change himself and then change the world; he just didn’t know how. It is sad that he will be adored in death more than he was in life. We may not have liked his personal life but we can appreciate him for his musical talents and contributions to the industry.


Click below to hear:

Man In the Mirror – Michael Jackson