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And so it begins again in earnest

It hasn’t actually been a year, I swear.

We seem to have lost pretty much all of 2011, but somehow this old gear still seems to work. We’ve had moves, a hosting switch, and all the distractions that come from giving a proper attempt at life. Needless to say, there’s some cobwebs to blow out around here. That said, well, it is what it is.

Online life can be a funny thing, and I’ve seen plenty of wizened commentary announcing the death of blogs (so 2002) and the rise of social media. Good on ya. Love it. Use it relentlessly. Not quite the same though as creating a space, an ambiance, even a fractured one. Social media is information, connection, conversation. But it’s not experience. I suppose I look at blogging in the same sense as writing a novel in the vein of Don Delillo or Ben Elton. Apparently random, disconnected,¬†fractional. But seemingly despite that, it creates an over arching narrative. There’s a story told through metaphor. Nobody looses the plot, They just can’t predict it.

At any rate, what I really intended to say was welcome back.

I hope you stick around. I think there might be some good bits coming up.



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An open letter to my dad about my relationship with Apple Computer

When I showed you my Ubuntu-based netbook and the CAD software I was running through WINE last summer, you almost seemed hurt when you asked if I had given up on Apple. At the time I quickly dismissed the possibility but looking at the intervening months (even as I compose this on my venerable MacBook Pro) I think the honest truth is a little less shiny.

We got that Apple IIgs in ’87 or ’88. Its capabilities were broad-ranging and we used it in every way possible short of compiling new software. Looking back now, though, its most compelling feature for me was its ability to accept and run BASIC programs, even without disk drives connected. Like the old Sinclair computers in England, there was an understanding that the most basic function of a computer was to run user-created code.
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What are you fighting for?

As a follow up to Neko’s post below, I thought it appropriate that I offer my two cents on the events of the last 24 hours and the referendum in Maine. One thing to note is that throughout the campaign period, the No on 1 organization offerred us personal accounts from Maine residents wanting to voluntarily offer their support to their friends, co-workers and loved one’s. The Yes on one campaign offerred us doctrine, fear, and scare tactics.

To those who voted Yes last night, I can understand being afraid. But you did not vote For anything. You did not vote to ‘preserve the institution of marriage’. You did not vote to ‘keep gay marriage from being taught in schools’. You did not vote in defense of your Faith. No one was ever trying to take anything away from you. No one was going to change your marriage, or force you to change your beliefs, or even force your churches to be involved with gay marriage in any way. No one was going to dictate what your kids were taught in schools. All that the No on 1 supporters sought to do was ensure that every single member of our society has the exact same rights under the law as every¬† other. The is NO reason why any sane individual in a rational society would seek to retain certain rights for themselves only, and to not extend those same rights to their co-participants in that society. Outside of fear anyway. But our country and our society were not founded in fear, and the principles of liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness for all that we Americans are so fond of espousing are not ones that can be disregarded just because we get a little squeamish about losing what we as individuals already have.¬† We as a society have not always held true to these principles, but history has shown us time and again that eventually, we will always come down on the side of equality.

A Yes vote on question 1 last night was a vote to strike a blow against your fellow Americans; your friends, co-workers, and even loved ones. It was a vote cast out of fear. Any society that allows itself to be defined by it’s fears, what it bans and prohibits, what is disallows; rather than one which defines itself by what it promotes, embraces, encourages, and extends to its members is a society in decay. There can only ever be one natural end result to that decay. That, given enough time, it should rot away entirely and leave room in which something better can grow.


Chris McKillop

Friday Night Anime Block: Blue Gender

Another Friday and you’re here with me. Have I mentioned that was a remarkable idea?

Because we love you, I’ve got a bit of a treat. Blue Gender is compiled here. I owe a debt to an otherwise unnamed Raven for this one, and I’ve gotten a little partial. This came sorely based on a recommendation, but I’ve come to enjoy the sheer elegance of the storyline. And my chamber has grown a bit cold to say the least.

I’ve heard a little about the premise being a bit off, to which I have to respond. Involve Sardines. If you can manage that as a major plot point within a linear narrative you’ve got my vote. And possibly donations. Because if you really can work that out, you’re better than I. Feel free to contact me, because we can work on this.
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When I was a child…

I dreamt of incredible things.

To my knowledge this has already made the rounds, but I felt it was worth reposting just because of the amazingness. Our dear BB caught at bit of the tip.

Johann Poo via BoingBoing

Though I may catch some flack for this, Steampunk does not represent either a movement, nor truly an aesthetic ideal. Rather, it performs brilliantly as a guiding principle. I will posit that Steampunk (however you want to define it),acts more so as a renunciation of ideals. Let the imperfection flow! This is what and who we are! Those who are old enough will remember the Labor disputes that led to the initial punk (oh yes, those wankers were pure ???) As a society, let’s focus on creation. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it doesn’t even have to be as good as this. Can we please have a playground where doing something is better than doing nothing?

Let’s be a kid for a bit.