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You can’t be Catholic and Pro-Abortion. Wait, what?

Rep. Patrick Kennedy asked not to participate in the Sacrament of the Eucharist…article on CNN.


I think I just need to stop reading the news for awhile. I saw this sign as part of an article on CNN this morning, I read it thinking to myself, “umm, what?”  I knew I would regret clicking on the story because it would just infuriate me and give me that sour taste of disgust for the Catholic church, AH-gain.  I don’t think ANYONE in their right mind is Pro-Abortion.  Is this what Pro-Choicers are being called today by antagonistic Pro-Lifers?  Or is this sign simply what it reads?

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The Continuing Education of Cash Money: What the hell ARE “Family Values” anyway?

MINNESOTA FAMILY COUNCIL – During every presidential election and certainly during Maine’s recent go round with Teh Gheys and Teh Rights, there is a phrase that gets thrown around: “Family Values.”

It seems that all politicians are fer it. I can’t ever remember anyone coming out and claiming to be ag’innit nor have I seen any documentation in the news of people who have been outed as ag’innit on the covert-like.

That said, I have no idea what Family Values are or aren’t.  And more importantly, if got ‘em I do or got ‘em I don’t.  Bruce, perhaps you can explain my problem better than I:


So, to make sure I don’t botch up a future presidential run any more than I already have *cough*fuelingchildsoldierwithmeth*cough* let’s you and me try to find out what these Family Values are together… like we used to… like a family.

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Cash Money Culinary Challenge #2: Fast Food, Upgraded

TRAPPED IN THE DRIVE THRU-You know, I wasn’t  really going to chime in or really admit to getting embarrassed about this whole Yes On 1 victory.

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Hoo boy.
The heroes that I look to in my times of despair are mocking me.
That’s a… hoo… that’s a bad sign, right there.  Jeez!  Et Tu, Daily Show?


Time to anesthetize!

Let’s drink heavily EAT!  And – you know what – let’s not do this halfway, let’s go to fucking McDONALD’S.

Awwww, what’s the matter, sweet pea?  Too good to enjoy a McNugget?  Think you can do better?  Sounds like a CULINARY CHALLENGE to me.

The CHALLENGE: to create a dish using ingredients from McDonald’s.  Could be an upgrade of classic menu item, could be using parts of items to create something completely new.  The sky is the limit and the budgetary concerns are actually pretty manageable.  The economy and all that.  Hell, even I will be getting into the act on this one, folks, so you’ve really got no excuse not to participate.

The RESULTS: we’ll post the results up here in a couple of weeks so get in the lab then post a comment down in the comment… post… thing… there on the bottom and we’ll try to contact you to add your submissions to the results post.



Ja vol Mein oberst!

Racist or not, you don’t have the right. apparenlty.

My look back on a recent dialogue:  Yeah, well, we wont get past this until people start to realize that things can not remain as they were.  Otherwise, how would we progress and adapt to the world. What irritates me is that the people who voted against Same-Sex Marriage don’t think they are being racist.  They are.  They do not want all people to have the same rights because that person lives their life differently than they.  They are trying to use the scare-tactic of “it will be taught in schools.”  Umm, what?  Marriage is not currently and has never been taught in schools.  You don’t even have to tell them they are being racist, they will bring it up to defend themselves as a prequal to the topic.  That is when I start to chuckle.

When you ask them why they don’t want same-sex marriage they get defensive and say, “oh, I don’t have a problem with gay people and who they choose to be with, I just don’t want them to use the term marriage.  They can have a civil-union or whatever but don’t call it a marriage.”  Then when you ask why that is, they say “because that is between a woman and a man.”  And when I ask why that can’t change they say “it’s always been that way and that’s how God intended it. ”  Then I say “so, you didn’t always have the same rights you have now did you?  And I bet you sure do like having them, don’t you?”

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Are you a No or Yes?

No on 1 or Yes on 1?  Protect Maine Equality or Stand for Marriage Maine?  Same-sex marriage or traditional marriage?  Respectively.  November 3rd will be a big day for many in Maine, either way this goes…

This is the best question and statements surrounding this topic I have seen:

Do you want to reject the new law that lets same-sex couples marry and allows individuals and religious groups to refuse to perform these marriages?  

The repeal effort has been led by the Roman Catholic Diocese. Bishop Richard Malone called same-sex marriage a dangerous sociological experiment.  The fact that gay couples have existed for generations, many of them raising children, counters this argument. Worse, however, is the church’s attempt to force its views on all Maine’s residents, whether they are Catholic or not. 

It is only natural that changing the definition of something as fundamental as marriage makes some uncomfortable. However, marriage has changed over time, interracial marriages were once banned, and men were allowed to have many wives, without harming heterosexual marriages. In a country where the divorce rate is too high and too many children grow up in dysfunctional and abusive families, encouraging more adults to commit to long-term, loving relationships is a positive, not a negative.

It is hard to see how allowing more people to marry will weaken marriage. Instead, it seems the strong desire of gay and lesbian couples to be married, rather than declared domestic partners, shows the value and importance of marriage.  - Snip its from an article in the Bangor Daily News, 10/17/09


MARRIAGE AFFORDS unparalleled rights and benefits to people who commit to long-term relationships. All people, regardless of sexual orientation, should have an equal right to marry under the law. -Boston Globe, 10/25/09

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