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The most watched TV show in the world…/sigh

There was a story on NPR this morning about the rise in TV watching and how it is catching on around the world.  I think most of us who were listening were all thinking the same thing, “Huh?  Catching on?  Umm, what does he mean ‘catching’ on?”  The journalist was comparing TV to the likes of Facebook and Twitter.  He was mostly pulling numbers out of 3rd world countries but still the idea intrigued me to do some research on my own.


I decided to try to find out what the most watched TV show in the world was and to my surprise it was Baywatch.  (internal sigh)  I was disappointed.  It actually made the Guinness Book of World Records with over 1.1 billion viewers.  I know that this has been played out in such movies as Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan when Borat came to New York and while in his hotel room stumbled upon a Baywatch episode with Pamela Anderson.  He thought this was the best show ever.  I wonder if that is because people in other countries visualize America to be like that of a Baywatch setting? (which is disheartening)  Maybe Hollywood has painted a picture that America can only deliver on the silver screen.  Long strips of sunny beaches with beautiful people running around doing fun things while looking beautiful and half-naked, yeah that only exist in the movies or on Baywatch.

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Twestival 2009 – Portland

Cue excitement! Portland, ME is getting it’s own Twestival. I’m having a flashback to the moment I realized we actually had a local Jelly, only in a slightly more giddy, jumping-up-and-down on couches, squealing sort of way. Give me a moment.

Better now. Thanks.

The event itself is to be held 9/13 at the Space (that would be 538 Congress for the uninitiated), and donations go to the Maine Aids Alliance. Luckily, this is one that Neko and I are actually able to attend (awww. our first public twitter appearance. Isn’t it sweet?) and barring of course, any unforeseen act of kitten malice or personal harm due to misuse of kitchen implements, we plan on doing so. Here we come. Take our money, please!

So if you’re in the neighborhood, by all means, come out and rub things against Portland’s twitterati (no, not us. It’s that lot over there) and support a good cause. Hit the banner above or the link below for more info and updates.

Portland Twestival 2009

Twitter this!

I was having a conversation recently with a staunchly non-social networking friend; debating the efficacy and relevance of such tools as facebook, twitter and their ilk. Not entirely unselfishly, of course, as I’d been trying to get him to participate so I could enjoy a glimpse of his inner monologue. The response I received was that his primary experience was that twitter was “inane, maliciously inane.” Now leaving aside my own feelings on such things acting as a tertiary layer of social interaction with a choice for level of engagement (“dude, you could have just called me.”). And also setting aside for the moment, the potential social relevancy of flash mobs, tweetups, spontaneous consumer, and political, organization I thought I’d play Devil’s advocate for a moment, Thus I bring you Twitter Cops

There really is a lot of crap out there. Of course, then again this is Doctorow’s Dandelion Thinking in full force. So I suppose that the same criteria my friend objected to makes it all the more vital that I keep this up. We can’t all be as interesting as @warrenellis after all.

I’m still not tweeting about food for a while though.

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~Bonus, John Mayer reference!~

Why does this sound familiar: Penny Arcade

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