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What’s that coming out of my speakers?

It’s a dreary Saturday afternoon looking out over the city in October with rain pelting my windows.  I always find myself listening to music and wanting to write when the weather presents its self as such.  Maybe I am convinced there is something important to write down.  Here is a bit of the music that is streaming out of this place today…


When I was a child…

I dreamt of incredible things.

To my knowledge this has already made the rounds, but I felt it was worth reposting just because of the amazingness. Our dear BB caught at bit of the tip.

Johann Poo via BoingBoing

Though I may catch some flack for this, Steampunk does not represent either a movement, nor truly an aesthetic ideal. Rather, it performs brilliantly as a guiding principle. I will posit that Steampunk (however you want to define it),acts more so as a renunciation of ideals. Let the imperfection flow! This is what and who we are! Those who are old enough will remember the Labor disputes that led to the initial punk (oh yes, those wankers were pure ???) As a society, let’s focus on creation. It doesn’t have to be perfect; it doesn’t even have to be as good as this. Can we please have a playground where doing something is better than doing nothing?

Let’s be a kid for a bit.

In which we take back the means of production

When in doubt, you can always count on sock puppets to give you a freakishly accurate depiction of life in the modern world.

Here we learn the psychological ramifications of a shift in the nature of labor from manufacturing to an intellectual economy, as presented by Viennese fringe culture group monochrom. hearing Neoliberalism and Marxism discussed in the same 4 minute sketch as interweb porn makes me feel strangely reassured. Perhaps there is a light at the end of the tunnel after all…

Link via BoingBoing

Weird Wednesday: English Speaking Attackers Beware!

If you are attacked by English speaking men, here is the tutorial video on how to handle the situation. Curious, is there a lot of this type of crime in Japan where Japanese women feel compelled to learn these phrases? I think I died a little inside after watching this…