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Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Because it just seems appropriate given our recent stint of impugning of the world around us.  I was awakened by a sweet cup of coffee by my bedside and a loving smile.  When I am happy songs will pop into my mind as if they are the theme for that moment.  I took my cup of sweetness and stared out my window over the streets of the city.  The morning is grey with light bits of rain in between the wind.  The trees still have their orange leaves but only clinging by a small thread to the half-bare trees.  There seem to be more on the ground than on the branches.

I sipped my coffee and this song came into my head and I got that spine-chilling feeling that only happens when you know you’ve heard the truth.  So enjoy the morning air for it is amazingly breathless and full of life but only if you pull it in.

and just for the pure fun of it…this piece of jewel was a rough among the youtubes…

What’s that coming out of my speakers?

It’s a dreary Saturday afternoon looking out over the city in October with rain pelting my windows.  I always find myself listening to music and wanting to write when the weather presents its self as such.  Maybe I am convinced there is something important to write down.  Here is a bit of the music that is streaming out of this place today…


New Movies for 2/29/08

New Movies for the Weekend of 2/29/08

Semi-Pro : Starring Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, and Andre Benjamin. Placed in 1976, an ABA basketball team that rivals the NBA is faced with a possible merger Moon (Ferrell) rallies his teammates in an effort to make their far-fetched NBA dreams come true. [Yet, another Will Ferrell movie. Impossible situation in an unrealistic role. I really don't understand this obsession with him. Enough already, we get it, he can be funny...is anyone else getting sick of seeing him in every other movie that sucks...ugh.]

The Other Boleyn Girl : Starring Natalie Portman, Eric Bana, and Scarlett Johansson. Two sisters fight for the attention of King Henry VIII. One sister has genuine feelings for the King while the other is just out to be Queen of England. The Boleyn girls will battle for the love of a King–which could tear England apart. [I am a bit interested in this only because of the era in which the movie takes place. I do like Portman and Johansson. I'm sure the audience will be filled with mostly males with their girls to sneak a peek at the possibility of seeing girl action or a breast!]

Not in All Major Theaters:

Penelope : Starring Christina Ricci, James McAvoy, and Reese Witherspoon. Penelope was born with the curse of a pig’s snout as a nose. The curse can only be broken when she finds true love with a prince. [This sounds like it should be animated. Although, I do like Ricci.]

City of Men : Starring Douglas Silva, Darlan Cunha, and Jonathan Haagensen. A deep-seeded family secret drives best friends apart and into a culture of violence and rival street gangs. [I'm curious if this is going to be just a long episode of "Prison Break".]

Quick Mention: (Limited Viewing) 

Chicago 10



Beyond Belief


Enjoy the weekend!

New Movies for 2/1/08

Major Theater Movies Out for this weekend…I could leave these ones…netflix it is!

The Eye - Starring: Jessica Alba as Sydney Wells who is an accomplished concert violinist that was blind since her childhood.  Sydney receives a double corneal transplant, something she has dreamed about all her life.  Her sight is restored and thus begins the struggle to see again.  With the help of her doctor and sister she progresses.  However soon afterwards, she begins seeing strange apparitions and images that begin to haunt her.  Her loved ones and friends begin to question her sanity.  Sydney believes someone may have opened more then her eyes to a world only she can see…(Rated: PG-13 Drama/Horror/Thriller) [This seems like it might be a bit of a stretch for a movie ticket purchase for this girl.  Although, I know the seats will be filled with strapping young lads who love them some Alba!  I'll pass and maybe catch it on a movie channel in due time on some lonely night.]


Strange Wilderness – Starring: Steve Zahn, Allen Covert, Justin Long, Jonah Hill, Kevin Heffernan, Krista Allen.  Animal enthusiast Peter Gaulk and his friend Fred Wolf take over a “jumped the shark” wildlife TV show.  The ratings start to dip and the show is facing cancellation.  In a desperate attempt to save the show, they set out to find the one creature that could bring the show back to life…they seek “Bigfoot.” (Rated: R  – Comedy) [I am convinced Hollywood is now drawing ideas out of a tall hat or using the rock/scissors/paper method to determine new movie plots...ugh.  Maybe I'm missing something here?  This would work for a drunken game night playing in the back ground kinda movie viewing pleasure.]


Over Her Dead Body – Starring: Eva Longoria Parker, Paul Rudd, Lake Bell,Jason Biggs, Lindsay Sloane, Stephen Root.  Devastated by the death of his fiancee, Kate, who their wedding day, Henry agrees to see a psychic(at the urging of his sister) to see if he can contact Kate to come to terms with her passing.  Failed attempts to talk to Kate through the psychic (who he is falling hard for), the psychic finds herself haunted by the late fiancee.  Kate decides it’s her duty to break up the two of them if it’s the last thing she does before leaving the earthy plane!  (Rated: PG-13 Comedy) [Okay, so some guy's chick dies, he tries hooking up with the hot psychic who is now being haunted by the dead chick...oh, I am so dying to know if they end up together in the end...Paul Rudd is in this one but still, they made this into a real movie?...gah!]


Here are a few limited releases: ART/FOREIGN

Caramel  : “Centers around five Lebanese women of different religions and ages, who work in a beauty salon.”

Vivere : “On Christmas Eve, Francesca’s little sister, Antonietta, runs away to Rotterdam with her musician boyfriend.  On the way to find her, Francesca picks up Gerlinde, a suicidal lovesick woman.  Now, she has two lives to save.  With the paths of three lost souls criss-crossing in Rotterdamn, it soon is hard to tell who is saving whom.”

The Silence before Bach : “This is an approach to music and the trades and the subjects that surround it through Bach’s works.  A look at the profound dramaturgy relationship between image and music where the latter is not merely conceived as a subsidiary to the image but as a subject of the narration in its own right.”

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie : “After they are released from jail for trying to rob an ATM, Ricky and Julian reunite with their pal Bubbles at the Sunnyvale Trailer Park, where they soon plan a new caper: a coin heist that will make them all rich.” [This one is bases on a long-running Canadian TV series.]

Suggestion: Pour a glass, Cop a squat and Enjoy the weekend, Cheers!