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Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting

Because it just seems appropriate given our recent stint of impugning of the world around us.  I was awakened by a sweet cup of coffee by my bedside and a loving smile.  When I am happy songs will pop into my mind as if they are the theme for that moment.  I took my cup of sweetness and stared out my window over the streets of the city.  The morning is grey with light bits of rain in between the wind.  The trees still have their orange leaves but only clinging by a small thread to the half-bare trees.  There seem to be more on the ground than on the branches.

I sipped my coffee and this song came into my head and I got that spine-chilling feeling that only happens when you know you’ve heard the truth.  So enjoy the morning air for it is amazingly breathless and full of life but only if you pull it in.

and just for the pure fun of it…this piece of jewel was a rough among the youtubes…

What’s that coming out of my speakers?

It’s a dreary Saturday afternoon looking out over the city in October with rain pelting my windows.  I always find myself listening to music and wanting to write when the weather presents its self as such.  Maybe I am convinced there is something important to write down.  Here is a bit of the music that is streaming out of this place today…


New Movies this Week!

(warning:  I haven’t done this in a while so forgive me if I forg0t how!)

The 5 Top Box Office Hits this Week:

1.  Zombieland – $25 million

2.  Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – $16.7 million

3.  Toy Story & Toy Story 2 – Double Feature: (in Disney Digital 3-D) – $12.5 million

4.  Invention of Lying – $7.4 million

5.  Surrogates – $7.3 million


Coco Before Chanel (with Audrey Tautou)  —– Playing Now!

This is playing in select cities in the US right now.  I am a bit jealous of NY and LA due to the fact that they get to preview such films before the rest of us do!  I suppose one would just have to travel to see such art.  I am a huge fan of Audrey Tautou.  She has acted in some amazing films over the last decade.  Most know her from Amélie.  Even her recent commercial for the Chanel perfume is great!

OPENING:  This Friday! (10/9/09)

(all these flipping dramas and so called comedies…sigh.)
[

Get offended early and avoid the rush, it’s…


If you happen to be in one of The Five Boroughs on Saturday, August 29, and also happen to be a savage mongoloid with nowhere to go and nothing to lose devotee of theatre, be sure to catch the world premier of the nazisploitation-comedy  “The Erotic Diary of Anne Frank,” the latest contemptible heap of malodorous pop culture pap and putrescence masterpiece from some asshole my very finest associate, Timothy Charles Browne, the hack author of  last year’s sold-out smash-hit, “The Most Lamentable & Tragical Historie of the Barber-Surgeons,”  where there was, at least, free beer my favorite play ever.

Get yer tickets quick, before they sell out.  Plus, free beer, so you know I’ll be there.


First Friday Art Walk and Old Port Festival 2009


I just thought I would mention some local community events for the weekend! We are trying to get a bit more involved with community events. Whether it be your community or my community we thought it would be a nice touch to add that feature to the site. We might talk about something going on in in SF or in the backyard of BoL. Let us know what you think! Feed back, folks, feed back! :)

Friday: First Friday Art Walk – Portland, Maine


Here a bit of info from their website about the outing that kicks off this Friday night!

JOIN US for a free self-guided tour of local art galleries, art studios, museums, and alternative art venues on the First Friday of every month from 5-8 pm.

OUR MISSION is to open the doors of Portland’s visual arts community by joining together and introducing a wider audience to the unique vitality of the artists and venues of Portland. Promoting interest with non-exclusivity and easy access, thereby strengthening the arts and community through diversity and celebration.

Jun 5, Jul 3, Aug 7, Sep 4, Oct 2, Nov 6, Dec 4

Sunday: Head down to the Old Port and enjoy the way life should be!


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check out:  Old Port Festival 2009