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Zombies Invade Christmas

Zombie Manger

Ok, well maybe not, but I totally relate to this.  Christmas has become such a big bully that it encroaches on all the other good holidays.  Halloween needs to try and take over Christmas again, and maybe this time not apologize and not let Santa fix Christmas in time to save the day.

Nightmare before Christmas


Thriller – MJ

Okay, I might get MDK (murder death kill) for this one but I was popping along the interwebz and came unto this little nostalgic piece. It’s like watching a B-rated horror movie! I remember I always loved the video but thought the dance to it was not so cool. (I swore I saw some of those moves on the dance floor during a particular girlfriend’s recent b-day outing! hehe!) I do like to watch people do it these days, when they have had just a wee bit too much!

For those of you who are not old enough to remember when MJ was black and not so freakish watching this might shock you! For those of you who do remember, feast on the laughter that is the man of horror…ah, Vincent Price!

The video is of course protected so….
Click the link: Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Like I said, not enough zombies!!!

The Dead Can’t Run!

Here is an interesting article from Simon Pegg arguing for a return to traditional zombie values.  I have to say I agree with him.

The speedy zombie seems implausible to me, even within the fantastic realm it inhabits. A biological agent, I’ll buy. Some sort of super-virus? Sure, why not. But death? Death is a disability, not a superpower. It’s hard to run with a cold, let alone the most debilitating malady of them all.

More significantly, the fast zombie is bereft of poetic subtlety. As monsters from the id, zombies win out over vampires and werewolves when it comes to the title of Most Potent Metaphorical Monster. Where their pointy-toothed cousins are all about sex and bestial savagery, the zombie trumps all by personifying our deepest fear: death. Zombies are our destiny writ large. Slow and steady in their approach, weak, clumsy, often absurd, the zombie relentlessly closes in, unstoppable, intractable.
However (and herein lies the sublime artfulness of the slow zombie), their ineptitude actually makes them avoidable, at least for a while. If you’re careful, if you keep your wits about you, you can stave them off, even outstrip them – much as we strive to outstrip death. Drink less, cut out red meat, exercise, practice safe sex; these are our shotguns, our cricket bats, our farmhouses, our shopping malls. However, none of these things fully insulates us from the creeping dread that something so witless, so elemental may yet catch us unawares – the drunk driver, the cancer sleeping in the double helix, the legless ghoul dragging itself through the darkness towards our ankles.

What ever Hollywood tycoon thought Zombie 2.0 was a good idea needs to get out of the business.  Not everything needs to get upgraded, death is elemental is does not need to be improved on.

The Guardian

“Don’t be Uncool to the Undead!”

Last night, I was surfing youtube almost by accident (not sure how that happens but believe me it does!) and skipped my way along to this little tidbit…I guess that is how it works sometimes.  Isn’t that how most of the greatest discoveries came about?  Someone wasn’t looking and then WHAM! BAM! they found something really cool!  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t the discovery of peanut butter and pepperoni sandwiches but this made me smile and do the chuckle.  It hit the BoL funny bone and it was decided that it must make it’s appearance.

Apparently, the “National Center for the Harassment of Zombies” was founded due to the cruel treatment of our flesh-eating friends by “thrill-seeking teenagers and elderly groundskeepers!”  So, remember “Don’t be Uncool to the Undead!”  They have their own association now!

link to video
MediocreFilms link

I Kill For Blood

Fifth grader Jordan Hood thought his bloody vampire was scary, but he had no idea how scary it really was.

I Kill For Blood

When he returned from his art class, his homeroom teacher was so scared she called the assistant principal and campus security.  So much so that poor Jordan couldn’t return to school pending a psychological examination.

Surprisingly it wasn’t the blood and the gore that frightened his teacher, it was her hyper-sensitivity to gang signs.  Apparently she projected hidden meaning into the “cryptic” symbolism in the child’s art.  For the frightened Savannah, GA elementary school teacher the tears of blood reminded her of gang-related tear drop tattoos often seen on TV.  She also read into the “I Kill For Blood” as referring to the famous LA street gang the Bloods, meaning all those tears of blood represent all of the times Jordan’s character had killed for his gang the Bloods.  Fear has amazing powers.

While the drawing is rudimentary at best it is a little creepy.  I think I would be more concerned if this was what he passed in for an Easter assignment than for Halloween.

Savannah Morning News