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Zombies Invade Christmas

Zombie Manger

Ok, well maybe not, but I totally relate to this.  Christmas has become such a big bully that it encroaches on all the other good holidays.  Halloween needs to try and take over Christmas again, and maybe this time not apologize and not let Santa fix Christmas in time to save the day.

Nightmare before Christmas


Friday Night Anime Block: Saturday Redux


A little extra Oktoberfest festivity this morning. Twitch has the full trailer up for the Russian anime First Squad. Yes, That’s right, Russian Anime. And what’s more, it looks utterly brilliant. Zombie/Nazi/Psychic goodness, with a chewy Russian retro-futurism center.

WARNING: Contains dramatic soundtrack.

Slated for an October 15th release in Russia,  I’m hoping for a subbed version to hit the interwebs by mid November.  Do not disappoint me.


Is “MADNESS” covered by your HMO?

Man’s finger bitten off during US healthcare rally

Reprinted from this morning’s GAURDIAN.CO.UK – “A 65-year-old man who opposes Barack Obama’s plans for healthcare reform had one of his fingers bitten off during a pro-reform rally organized by the liberal political action group MoveOn.org.

After 100 protesters supporting a healthcare overhaul assembled for a vigil in Thousands Oaks, California yesterday, a group of people who opposed reform showed up.

A confrontation ensued between a man who supported healthcare reform and one of the members of the anti-reform group, police said.

The two men yelled at each other and then got into a fist fight. As the brawl escalated, the pro-reform protester bit a finger off of the 65-year-old.

The injured man walked to a nearby hospital where his finger was reattatched. A hospital spokeswoman said the man had Medicare, the US government-run insurance programme for older citizens.

A MoveOn spokeswoman expressed regret for the incident and said the organization “condemns violence in all forms,” according to Politico.

She said: “While we don’t know if either party involved was a MoveOn member, we regret any violence that may have occurred yesterday, and we support the Ventura county sheriff’s investigation into the situation.”

The original article here with thanks for involving us further into this insanity.

What a Wonderful Zombie Apocalypse

I found this video after returning from a couple weeks of “Zombie Survival Training”. Which basically consisted of grabbing what you need to survive and living out of your SUV for a couple weeks until better shelter can be secured. Luckily I had my bug-out bag already packed, and turned a plastic office organizer into a bureau. I never visualized the concept of a wardrobe in the apocalypse until now. Needless to say I think I did pretty good, and find myself returning to civilization with a much healthier disposition in life. Sometimes we really need to shake things up to appreciate what we have. So to commemorate this optimistic event I present this fan-art video combining Left4Dead with the soothing sounds of Louis Armstrong.

Thanks, Boing Boing

My Little Zombie


These are so utterly morbidly adorable. If I ever have kids (and let’s hope, for the sake of the world at large, that I never do). I’ll need to do a full set so they can have a proper horde and eviscerate a cabbage patch doll.

Well done dbx1. Found via BoingBoing